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Nov 1, 2013 3:00pm EDT
. >> thank you. next we'll hear from the chief of the los angeles police department, who's involved in this and some of the operations as well. chief charlie beck. >> very briefly. i want to command the men and women of pd for their response to this situation. we have los angeles police department, tsa, fbi, laso and other agencies. we will treat this incident with the unified command. many, many details will not be given out at this point. we will not speak about the nature of injuries, we will not speak about the suspect. the investigation is being handled with the fbi with the cooperation of the los angeles police department. again, tremendous unified response. know that this region worries about its airport because of the complex issues involved with various jurisdictions. it was handled very well today. thank you. >> hold on, one second. we'll next hear from fbi special agent in charge. special agent to talk about the investigation. >> special agent in charge of the fbi-b b-o-w-e-c-i-h. we're working with l.a. police department in respect to this investigation. the investigatio
Nov 29, 2013 12:00pm EST
, retail-wise. we have a target in los angeles. and a best buy in san jose, california. we're going to get a sense of what the hot items are shaping up to be at those outlets. >>> if you think some of the deals at the mall are a good deal today, wait until cyber monday. it has a lot to do with travel sales. that might be the time to plan the winter vacation. the ceo of priceline north america will join us here in a bit on "closing bell." tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 bring what inspires you tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 out there... in here. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 out there, tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 there are stocks on the move. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 in here, streetsmart edge has tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 chart pattern recognition tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 which shows you which ones are bullish or bearish. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 now, earn 300 commission-free online trades. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 call 1-888-648-6021 tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 or go to to learn how. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 our trading specialists can tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 help you set up your platform. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 because when your tools look th
Nov 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
you very much. we're just a few days removed from the deadly shooting at l.a.x., los angeles international airport last friday. that sparked discussions, including a discussion right here on "closing bell" last friday about stiffer security at the nation's airports. we also talked about how to better protect our nation's public shopping centers across the country. including with one of our next guests here, maria. >> our scott cohen is at the scene at garden state plaza, and joining us is mall security, michael rosen. michael, let's kick it off with you. the new jersey mall shooter was able to walk into the mall, he had a rifle. what kind of measures do you think need to be taken to prevent that from happening again? >> maria, and bill, thank you for having me here. >> welcome back. >> thank you, bill. it's important to understand that incidents like this don't just happen. and as much as we're focused on response, we have to invest and quadruple our effort when it comes to prevention. that is the only opportunity we have to truly prevent incidents like that from happening in
Nov 27, 2013 3:00pm EST
, different cheese purveyors in seattle, different bread manufacturers in los angeles. or wheat manufacturers, i should say. >> jack, good to see you. thank you. >> you say the name of the company better than i do. >> sur la table. >> he's early. you'll see him tomorrow, the thanksgiving day parade. but st. nick has come to the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> he's standing behind us. if you thought -- if you thought black friday was early, santa is already here? >> he's shameless. he goes in there -- >> i thought he was santa. >> i thought he'd make a play for one of the elves back there, but i guess not. going for santa there. nice to see you, santa. there we go. bullish or bearish? >> i'm sure he's with the consensus. 20 minutes to go before the closing bell. keeping an eye on markets. dow adding 30 points so not much movement. >> just how important are social networking sites like twitter and face book when it comes to the success of black friday and the holiday shopping season this year? we have more than you might think. we'll explain in a moment. >>> after the break, it's the r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4